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BENoît delbecq (prepared pianO)                         HOPEtown CD RELEASE 2020

claudia solal (voice)                              SONS d'hiver festival january 18th

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Claudia Solal Beoît Delbecq by Tatiana Chevalier

Tatiana Chevalier


The artistic collaboration between Claudia Solal and Benoît Delbecq has dawned in the fall of 2013 : it was totally evident. Their first concerts take place in November 2015, during a tour in Chicago organized by the french association The Bridge, with Antichamber Music quartet, around poems by James Joyce (with bassoonist Katie Young and cellist Tomeka Reid). Back in France, they decide to continue as a duet, and soon record imaginary and improvised songs with suggestive titles, from texts by Claudia : No sake tonight, Inner otherness, Burning green, Ultimate embrace ... From this singular alchemy, arises a cosmic and timeless chant, playing with all transparencies : an impetuous and powerful music, deeply intuitive,  - shifting and moving music. An album will be released in 2019.


Inner Otherness -
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No sake tonight -
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Ultimate embrace -
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